Microsoft Office 2018 and its installation

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Microsoft Office 2018 is the term used to talk about Office 365. It is a Microsoft office suite, which has been running since the 90s and has already become an essential component of any office; it does not have a version numbered as the year 2018. Microsoft office support is great option for the solution related to Ms Office issue.

The Office 365 pack serves to facilitate the writing and editing of documents, for the preparation and design of presentations, the layout, and the use of spreadsheets and even the management of databases. Being an office suite, it offers a multitude of functions related to different fields needed in any company. Both professionals and individuals use it daily.

However, in order to use it, it is necessary to have an adequate license. If you do not know how to activate Microsoft Office 2018 or, failing that, Office 365, we recommend that you take a look at this guide. In it we explain what you have to do step by step, to install and validate this set of programs. In addition to that, we also provide some serials in case of not having official license, along with the guidelines to take advantage of the educational edition, designed for students and free of charge.

Steps to install and activate Microsoft Office 2018 for life

The steps to install and Ms Office activation for life do not exist, since there is no version of Office that has that number. By proximity and correspondence, we will explain the steps for Microsoft Office 365, version that Microsoft has launched to offer services on that date.

This is what you have to do:

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1 – Enter the Office 365 website and request a trial version

With the computer on, open the web browser that you usually use and enter, in the address bar, the following URL: Thus, you will enter the Office test section. When you are inside, you just have to click on the “Try 1 free month ” button that appears on the page.

2 – Enter your user data

By doing the above, you will be sent to the Microsoft account portal. Now you have to log in by entering the email, phone or Skype from your Microsoft account and click “Next “.

Start session Microsoft

After this, it is time to write the corresponding password and click on “Log in “. Remember that you must use the capital letters where appropriate, otherwise it will be mistaken.

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3 – Download the program

The next thing is to follow the download and installation process. In the screen that appears now, you just have to press the button “Next ” to advance with the download of the free trial of Office 365 by mean of Ms Office activation.

The next thing is to choose a payment method between credit or debit card, direct debit or PayPal. Choose the one you choose, you will have to enter a series of data afterwards to confirm that it is a valid and active method. Fill in the fields that are requested and click on “Save”.

After this, already in the Office panel, click on “Install Office” and, in the pop-up window, click on the ” Ms office activation button . if you still need any kind of help please visit

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