How to stick to your resolutions this year

How to stick to your resolutions this year

With a New Year, comes a list of new resolutions or the same old resolutions which we couldn’t accomplish last year. We tend to gather all our will power and motivate ourselves to fulfill it this time. But most of us fail to keep them year after year.

If you look at the resolution in a new way, maybe you will be able to work on it differently. These tips or steps are pretty easy and will help you reach your goals. All you need to do is follow them and stay focused.

  1. Make it simple

While you are planning your New Year resolutions, try to keep them simple. You don’t have to change your lifestyle completely, start with smaller goals and move towards the bigger ones. Take time to settle yourself in one resolution before you move to another. Keep in mind that the entire process is for self development. Don’t take up multiple resolutions at one time. Go one after another as it will keep you motivated and focused.

  1. Make one choice

Choosing resolutions is a tough job. What you choose must be interesting and exciting or else it won’t last long. You will have lack motivation and soon lose focus from it. Try to target those resolutions which help you become a better person. Concentrate on those goals which will have a positive impact on you. Whatever you choose, you need to be happy and enjoy it to accomplish the goal.

  1. Real goals

The most common cause due to which we tend to fail in fulfilling our resolutions is that we aim too high. We need to start from the grass root level and then move upward slowly. Goals take time and let you learn from your failures and again start from the beginning.

Set goals which are practical in nature and within your reach. Start with simple and short term goals, once you fulfill them, take it a notch higher. Resolutions which are not practical will lead to losing focus and motivation.

  1. Organize your targets

If your goals are too high to reach, break them down. Set a goal, divide it into smaller goals. Once you get a positive result, keep on fulfilling the smaller goals. Next, you will see that the bigger goal is also accomplished within the process. All you need to do is divide the goal into smaller goals, set a process to work on it and stay focused. For instance, if you want to lose 10 kilos in four months then start with losing 2.5 kilos during the first month and rest in the next three months respectively.

  1. Meet deadlines

Something which has a start must have an end too. Set goals or resolutions and set their deadlines too. Deadlines help you stay focused and keep pushing you towards the accomplishment of your goals. It is like a barometer for success. Suppose if your goal is to buy a car, then set a deadline for it. It can be by the end of this year or within the next 6 months. Deadlines depend on the goals or resolutions you set, and it can be long-term as well as short-term.

  1. Accountability

When you keep a note on the progress bar, it helps in getting faster results. If someone is there who keeps an account of our activities related to the accomplishment of our goals, we tend to stay more focused and alert. Noting down all the details allows us to know where we are putting our efforts and whether the efforts will yield positive results or not. If your goal is to lose weight then do click pictures of yourself after each month and make a note on the weight loss. It is a healthy way to stay focused and gives a lot of positive vibes.

  1. Rewards for progress

All of us want a little bit of appreciation and rewards for the small or big things we do for ourselves as well as for others. It is an important part of keeping oneself focused and motivated. Once you reach the milestone you’ve set for yourself, celebrate it. Celebrate the moment in a way which you will cherish and enjoy. For example, take a cheat meal after following a strict diet for a month, tailored suits are always a treat for a man and maybe a fancy dress for the ladies, or skip the gym for a day and sleep for two more hours extra.

  1. Supportiveness

When we work on fulfilling our goals, we need a lot of support and motivation from our loved ones. It is important to stay in a positive and healthy environment to stay focused. Be with your friends and family, talk to them about your goal, and let them know about the small achievements of yours. Allow them to understand your journey and stand by your side during the tough times.

  1. Never give up

The most important part of accomplishing goals is the positive attitude. You just cannot give up on what you’ve started and you need to remind yourself why you need to hold on. You need to figure out the way through which you can fulfill your goals. A positive attitude is the key to success and this is what successful people believe in. Don’t give excuses to yourself – rather give yourself reasons for not giving up on your goals.

  1. Mentor yourself

It is quite practical that we always don’t get someone to motivate us. Most of us don’t get a mentor to guide us, but we can be our own mentor. If we have a strong belief in our goals and a positive approach then success is bound to come our way. Take responsibility for yourself, and don’t look out for shortcuts or alternatives. Just list down your plan and stick to it.

One reason why many don’t succeed in their goals is that they don’t try hard enough. You don’t need a New Year to start afresh. You just need to acknowledge where you went wrong and pick yourself up again. When you keep working towards your goals, you will get better with days. Don’t target a year to meet resolutions. Start every Monday or rather every day, and it will make a huge difference.

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