6 Ways to Make Your Online Presence Mobile Friendly!

6 Ways to Make Your Online Presence Mobile Friendly!

Web searches from mobile phones have outnumbered desktop searches according to the stats. This trend will grow exponentially in the future. With the growth potential of this trend, Google started experimenting with mobile-friendly factors of its search algorithms. Well, it is yet to be measured that how much of impact will this factor has on the search algorithms but it is like to keep increasing in future.

To conquer this rapidly evolving tech freaked environment, one needs to understand the user intent, how your customer utilizes mobile, how your site appears on mobile etc. even with the huge potential with mobile searches still many businesses are making all their marketing efforts focused on desktop and laptops. These companies are going to struggle with their progress in the near future because of ignoring this factor.Visit here

If you haven’t implemented or embraced a mobile strategy then we will suggest you implement it as soon as possible. Many businesses have implemented it to increase their mobile friendliness online but still, are facing problems. This is because they have been missing the core points which are important to it. Well, don’t worry we have got you covered. We have gathered a few core points which can help to increase your online presence mobile friendly.

  • Understanding Google SERP’s working:

Firstly, I’d like to eliminate the biggest misconception people have about SERP that it is all about keyword usage and links. This is an important factor to SERP but it is much more than this. Well, different search queries result in different results and we all know this for a fact. It will be according to the user intent. Same is the case with desktop and mobile searches. Search queries made from a mobile phone will be more fast and precise like where is Cosa Nostra located, or helpline of Amazon, or Spectrum plans etc. and when a user makes a search from desktop either it is for researching or making any purchase or looking for something to purchase. Google SERP work differently in both cases.

  • Do thorough research for mobile device keywords:
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Keywords which will make your visibility greater through mobile devices are different from that of the desktops. Most of the SEO people make this mistake and doesn’t realize that mobile search is different from mobiles. This minute but a major mistake can put your whole marketing strategy into shambles. Mobile search also provides the facility of text to speech. And we all know that we all write queries in a different and concise manner on the desktop as compared to the sentences we speak.

Again the whole thing goes back to the user’s search intent. Desktop and laptop users are likely to enter the simple keyword as compared to the phrases they vocalize. Google keyword analytics is still the best tool to find out keywords for different mediums. So it is necessary to research different structured keywords for desktop and mobile devices before implementing them.

  • Make use of Google AMP’s:

Back in 2016, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google AMP’s are designed in such a way that their code takes shorter than average to get load. These mobile pages will load faster and also will hold a higher place in search result pages.

  • Make your site content user-friendly:

User-friendly content which actually caters to the needs of the audience will automatically receive higher traction. In short, one should have a fully mobile optimized website. Its images, content, and navigation etc. everything should be easily adjusted to the different screen sizes. Google offers free tools which let you analyze the mobile-friendliness of your website. All the businesses need to create responsive websites instead of just creating desktop sites.

  • Track the mobile metrics and analytics separately:

You will never know exactly how your mobile strategy is working if you have mixed analytic reports. Track the traffic, engagement rate, conversions, page visits etc. of your mobile strategy separately to better analyze the performance.

  • Devise a long term strategy:
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Definitely, it is hard to devise strategies every other day. One just needs to modify the old strategies. It will be hard to redirect all your resources to mobile if entire time your company has been working on Desktop SEO. Success certainly doesn’t happen overnight. And in the case of SEO, it certainly takes time but also lasts longer than that of the paid marketing. Ranking of a site requires consistent efforts which can’t be molded along the way. Visit here

With the growing mobility, implementing mobile search within your marketing strategy can prove out to be a great plus in the future. The proliferation of iPads, mobile phones and tablets have given a boost to mobile searches. Concentrate on the design, behaviors, and preferences of the users to push your mobile friendliness. Cater to the needs of the people keeping their interest and browsing history in view. Remember that Mobile SEO is not just a few added steps to that of the Desktop SEO. It is entirely different from Desktop SEO and has its own ways of implementing things.

Author Bio:Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.

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