Worst SEO Practices That Affect Google Ranking

Worst SEO Practices That Affect Google Ranking

In the same way that there are golden rules and almost infallible advice for any online marketing strategy, we can also run into the opposite: errors as serious as recurring, capable of running a magnificently designed campaign alone. And of course, optimization techniques for online search engines – that is, SEO Services in Noida used are no exception.

So that you do not have to regret greater evils in this area, we detail below the most common failures, as well as the best practices to avoid them.

1)     Do not optimize the title of a page.

Although it is surprising to you, it is a very common error that usually affects especially the home page or home page. In the same way, it can also be considered a mistake of bulk, since the title is an element that contributes greatly to improve the positioning of a page in search engines while serving as a business card for those who see the site indexed in Google search results. For the title to be correct, it must be explanatory and include some keyword at the beginning of it. In turn, another typical mistake – and quite harmful – is to duplicate titles, which negatively affects the positioning of the web in search engines, reselling SEO services Grow your agency and improve customers’ SEO by partnering with Victorious. By outsourcing your SEO needs, you can focus on delivering competitive, flexible digital marketing to your customers – without sacrificing quality.

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2) Copy content.

Worst SEO Practices That Affect Google Ranking

As was the case at school when someone copied a classmate’s homework, this is one of the worst practices that can occur on the Internet. It is also the easiest to detect. All this without losing sight of the fact that reusing the contents of a competitor without permission is illegal since it violates the Intellectual Property Law. With this backdrop, it is not surprising that the Google algorithm penalizes those pages that textually reproduce the content of others since what is prioritized is that it is original and of quality. Thus, the website that resorts to plagiarism will not only sink the search results online, but the engines may de-index it.

3) Duplicate content.

This error is based on using more than once a certain content within the same site. The situation referred to is frequent when publishing pages that have been created as platforms based on content management systems or content management systems (CMS, which usually generate titles, meta descriptions, and other code elements automatically), or when it is published Start up a page without the advice of an SEO services expert. In these cases, Google will only index one of the duplicate pages, which means losing traffic and ranking positions. To remedy this situation, it is recommended to use a301 redirect — which means moving a page permanently — to the preferred URL.

4) The keyword stuffing.

Worst SEO Practices That Affect Google Ranking

This is another badly rooted bad practice, consisting of filling a page with keywords to manipulate its positioning in the search results. In the long run, this strategy does not work, since Google ends up penalizing the positioning of these websites in their indexes. With this problem, it should not be forgotten that text optimization should be directed at users, and not at search engines, using keywords in a natural way and context. Also, even if this served to attract more traffic, the user experience would be bad, so the number of end customers would eventually be reduced sooner or later.

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5) Use poor quality backlinks.

The backlinks, or links that lead to a certain page, are seen by Google as votes of confidence. Therefore, you have to get links from credible sources and related to the activity on which the website in question. However, we must not forget that quantity can never replace quality: without going any further, a link published on a page with a lot of authority will improve the positioning of a site in search results more than 200 links of poor quality.

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