How to choose your engagement ring?

How to choose your engagement ring?

Much more than a ring, it is the symbol of a commitment to life and a true declaration of love. Which styles, stones, shapes or frames to favor to make it unique?

It’s the jewel of life. Whoever is not supposed to sleep in a chest but dress your left ring finger? No question of regretting or declaring it old-fashioned after a few years … All the more reason to think about it with your head rested.

Stone: color or not?

Obviously, this is THE first question to ask. Diamond or colored stone? If you have doubts, tell a jeweler or a gemologist who can direct you to the gemstone that suits you best.

The white diamond remains a safe bet, a timeless one that goes with all the jewels. For this stone, the use is to respect the rule of 4 C, the quality scale applied to the diamond in order to classify them and estimate their value: the size (Cut: the shape of the stone), the purity ( Clarity : is there any impurities), the color ( Color : which varies from D to Z) and the weight ( Carat : the number of carats). Thus the number of carats is sometimes less important than clarity or size.

The colored stone offers, for its part, many possibilities. Very wide, the range of tourmaline offers a color from pink to blue, through green and yellow … The most popular for wedding ring sets his and hers? The rubies (red), the emeralds (green) and the sapphires: the blue variety is the best known but we also find pink, yellow, purple and pink-orange called padparadscha – the most sought after and recently chosen by the Princess Eugenie of York for her engagement. An original choice that surprised many at the Court of England.

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The shape: classic or original?

Discreet or extravagant, the Wedding ring can take the shape you want. Always taking into account the nature and size of the stone. Most often, it is composed of a central stone but it must first match you, reflect your temperament: it does not matter if it is different, as long as you like it.

The solitary, where only one stone is in majesty, offers many possibilities. Before considering the mount, it is necessary to take the time to study the different sizes of stones (forms) to choose than the one which will adapt best to the morphology of your hands. The elongated shapes – pear or marquise – will be more suitable for long hands while the compact shapes – shine, cushion or princess – will go to small hands.

Other styles exist, such as you and Me, two stones against each other, or the classic Marguerite, central stone surrounded by small stones. Very popular since the 1970s, especially on the ring of Lady Diana for his engagement in 1981, Marguerite makes a comeback since Kate Middleton chose this ring for his own engagement with William of England.

The metal: gold or platinum?

The choice of the color of the metal varies according to your skin tone and the color of your future husband. Your jewelry box is always a good clue! Traditionally, gold with its different tones (red, yellow, and white, pink, black …) remains the most popular. But platinum is also often proposed because it is an alloy that does not deteriorate over time. More rare, it will also be more expensive. Attention also to the choice of the alliance which will go very quickly with the ring: they are carried together and must therefore agree.

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If you want to experiment and get advice, a jeweler will be able to present you a wide choice of models, from the standard model to the semi-measurement. If you already have a family stone or that on the

spot another seduces you, you can also opt for the tailor-made. Internet will offer a wide range of engagement rings at a lower cost, but without the opportunity to try them.

Finally, for those who are moving towards a more vintage ring model, interesting alternatives exist such as antique dealers, auctions or second-hand jewelry shops.

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