All about money management with a net bank app

money management with a net bank app

Mobile banking application has a significant effect on the banking sector. More and more people started using mobile banking apps for their convenience. The top online banking apps like IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app made banking activities faster and more efficient. Such apps allow customers to access their accounts anytime from anywhere.

The mobile app allows customers to open a free online bank account and do all their banking activities online. Unlike before, they do not need to wait in banks to do their daily banking activities. The app offers an array of best money management features that help the users to pay, manage and grow their money.

Some of the money management features IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app are:

Open Bank Account Online

Mobile banking apps offer several types of bank accounts that customers can open based on their requirements. They can open a new bank account with this app from the comfort of their home. Several types of bank accounts like business accounts, current accounts, women’s accounts, senior citizen accounts, student accounts, and minor accounts are available for different people.

The bank opening process does not require any paperwork so, it is easy and simple. All you need is to provide your KYC details and scanned copies of the required documents. When you open a bank account online, you can enjoy several features and quick loan facilities for different purposes.

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Instant Payments

With IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, users can carry out day-to-day transactions without problems. The mobile banking app helps customers to transfer money instantly. By using the app, the customers can pay bills through different methods like:

  • NEFT
  • Bharat QR Code
  • UPI
  • IMPS

The digital payment methods allow the user to transfer or pay the money within seconds. They can also pay for regular utility services such as gas, electricity, and internet. They can avoid late payments and finds by setting alerts and automatic payment instructions through the app. It helps them to enjoy the best money management system.

Multiple bank accounts management 

Apart from paying bills and other payments, they can link all their account under the app and access it without logging in multiple times. The user can add multiple accounts under one app, seamlessly switch between accounts, and access any banking activity. The customer can take consolidated reports like account balance, account statement, and activity history of all the accounts linked to the app. You can link any account registered with a recognized bank.

Best investment options

The investment options allow the user to invest the money in different schemes such as mutual funds, FD, RD, retirement plans, etc. the app also provide expert advice on investments and help your money grow. In addition, you can utilize the money management planner and analyzer to balance your spending and income. This feature gives you alerts on your overspending.

Messages and alerts for secured banking

The mobile banking app feature sends messages and alerts on every banking activity. It makes your banking safe and secure. You can take immediate action if you see any unauthorized activity and inform the bank through SMS and a bloc account. It will help you prevent data breaches and hackers.

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These are some money management features available to enjoy a seamless banking experience.

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