8 Pet tech Trends to Watch in 2019

8 Pet tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Trends in acquisition of pets and digital technology based applications both are at peak with online purchase options.

A survey reveals that pet’s health is equally important for their owners and nearly 53% are interested in pet tracking devices, 47% are interested in nutrition apps, 46% in vet telemedicine, and 31% in fitness trackers

  • Activity Tracker: The owners want updates about their pet’s activities during the time they are away and products like Pet Cube 2, provides every bit of information, and it allows you to speak to your pets as the gadget is connected remotely to your phone. Kyon has collar’s sensors are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, you can find your pet when lost, it can help in avoiding the fights within dogs, the app connectivity can remind for vet visits, exercise or walk reminders etc.
  • Trainings: Pets needs to be trained for their habits that can cause trouble to the owners, the nature call at random times cannot keep the homes clean the devices that can keep the home atmosphere clean and stink free with the litter boxes that are automated. Inubox is a relief for dog owners; the litter box has a tray coated with hydrophobic material that can sense weight. When the dog uses it and leaves the seat, its automatic action lifts and clears the waste by packing it in a bag, which can be disposed. It is suitable for people who cannot take the dog out in the backyard at night or because of their absence in day time etc.
  • Healthcare: Pet owners are using voice assistant for reminders of health check up and timely medications to the animals. They would be interested in knowing about the general health, allergies, treatment reception capacity and much more about their pets care.
  • Fitness: Exercise equipments for pets are must as we all cannot take them out for a walk or run on daily basis and not everybody has a huge backyard where they can run and keep fit. The Little Cat by Petding is just like a big hamster wheel for cats; they can climb and run as we use the treadmill. The circular movement can be speeded by laser light positioned at different junctures to motivate pets for a run. Play and exercise can keep the pets happy hence the CHUCKIT! Flying Squirrel a Dog Frisbee
  • Pampering: The apps like Takeyourpet.com, shows places where there is no ban on cats and dogs. You can take your at hotels, inns and spend quality time with them. The emotional changes in the pets are difficult to manage and their need for a near one is difficult to fulfill but this Smart Pet Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Toy mimics a dog’s mother with a soft heartbeat, it has a self-warming function, useful every time the dogs are nervous. The pet care is owner’s dream due to their love towards them, the expression of love may be taking them to pet boutiques, facials and grooming for dogs, leaving them in pet day care when the owners are travelling or busy in business trips.
  • Fun: People who care for their pets want them to be happy and entertained. Pet Cube 2 has cat and dog version which has inbuilt laser toy and best pet food treat distribution features respectively. Special toys are available for the pets, Trixie Pet Toy is an interactive game that has small sections where in the owners can hide some food, and the dogs can search them. The iDogmate automatic tennis ball thrower operated with a remote control, to play with dog when you are busy doing your work.
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