Mercedes Cars from Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Cars from Mercedes Benz

When it comes to luxury cars, you certainly cannot ignore Mercedes Benz. The company has withstood the challenges of changing times and maintained its position as one of the greatest consumer luxury car brands in the entire world for more than a century. Mercedes Benz has a very simple yet strong moto, “The best or nothing”, which the company follows wholeheartedly.

The company offers a wide range of cars to its customers for basically every purpose and size. However, it is good for you to know that every Mercedes Benz model shares similar luxury and high-quality component, which distinguishes a Northstar Motors Mercedes Benz from other cars.

Some of the Mercedes Benz Cars from the Maker

Most of you will have images of luxurious cars in your mind just at the mention of the name Mercedes Benz. The company puts in a real effort when it comes to producing some of the high-class vehicles such as buses, trucks, and even ambulances. Here are some of the popular models from the popular German brand.

  • Compact Cars: Mercedes Benz has an aim of producing cars that more and more people can easily afford. Keeping this in mind, the German company introduced several budget-friendly and small sized cars for its consumers such as the A-class and the B-class. The Mercedes Benz A-class happens to be the smallest of all the cars made by the company. It is an entry level compact car that is ideal for people who have a pretty strong sense of style and wishes to own a luxury car for themselves.
  • Electric Cars: When it comes to adopting the EV technology, Mercedes Benz was never slow at all. It has EQC and EQV, 2 of the most impressive and fully electric cars for its environment friendly customers. Although the EQC falls under the SUV range of vehicles, it is quite compact, standing at 187 inches. Nonetheless, it does provide an impressive performance and range. On a single full battery charge, the car can travel almost 275 miles to 295 miles.
  • SUVs: The modern age consumers are always eager to opt for more practical car models. Keeping this in mind, the sale of SUV cars rose all over the world. If you look at the Mercedes Benz range of SUVs, you will find quite a few. You can choose the right one depending upon your personal preferences. Their cars under the GL lineup fall under the SUV version of vehicles. Ranging from their A-class to their S-class, the sizes of their SUVs increase along with the luxuries and facilities.
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Sedans: Mercedes Benz also has a wide range of luxury sedan vehicles. You will find 3 rather impressive options, the CLA, the executive E-class, and the smaller C-class. Although both the E-class and C-class represent Mercedes Benz’s standard sedans with 5-doors, the CLA has a more of a sporty 4-door coupe design that is derived from the A-class models. The C-class is near the top of luxury range of sedan segment and has competitions from other makers in the form of Audi A4 and BMW 3-series.

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