HP Printer Not Printing | HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide

HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide

There are many problems that the user have to face when the user is using the Hp Printers and they could not find the proper solutions related to that and we are here to provide a solution to the user and as we know that solutions are required otherwise the user get angry and then the user does not go to that company again. So that hp provides the solutions to the user and there is customer support number that is to be given to the user and the user will get the timely response of the problems.Visit here

There are mainly five solutions that we are going to discuss now and we will get to know how the user can get the solution whenever the user will get to know which one is best. These solutions are given below:-

1.First thing is that the user have to make sure that the Hp printer has enough paper so that the paper tray can take it very easily. Now if there is a paper then the user should be sure that none of that is stuck and then it is to be jammed in the given paper feed. Now the user should check that the user have manufacturer that is on the best way that it is to be removed so that it will not waste the internal motor or the paper helps the user to feed.

2.Now the user should check that the ink or Toner empty? Now the user should Consult with the specific printer that is manual and for that the user should check that the levels of the inks and the tonner for the printer is correct or not and if the user need to have the HP printer so that it is to be serviced that the user needs to contact so that the user can Directly can call on that for the proper solutions .

Solution No.2:-Revoke the Hp printer Jobs

Now the user clean out all the print jobs that is with the HP printer

Now this step is a little bit technical but the user is not too advanced for that the user can give a try for that and there are many times that is during for the life of the HP Printer troubleshooting guide and that the jobs that the user have sent for the printing that can become and stuck in the given hp printer queue and after that in case the clearing the print queue of all the jobs that will help the user for the newer print jobs and then clearing the print queue and for all the jobs that will help the user for getting the newer print requests and then the user should go through that is perfect for the user. Now we can explain the whole process to the user.

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1.First thing is that user should go to windows control panel and then the user should select the Devices and hp Printers and then after the user will see the control panel that will be reached on the search bar that is shown on the windows 10 and that is shown on the older versions and then that will help the user run the dialog and in that dialog the user will see it and then the user will hit the enter button and then enter into the control panel that is shown on most of the windows operating system.

1. Go to your Windows Control Panel and select “Devices and hp Printers”

Your control panel can be reached by typing “Control Panel” in the search bar on Windows 10 or in older versions of windows press Window logo key and “R” key on your keyboard at the same time to open the Run dialog. In this dialog, type “control” and hit Enter. This will open Control Panel in most Windows operating systems. Visit here

2.Now the user can find the HP printer in the list of the printing devices and that will make sure that is one that users are having issues with and then the user should right click on that given hp printer and after that user right click on the given hp printer troubleshooting guide and after that user should see that what is printing from the drop down list.after that the user should find your Hp printer so that user should see that print list and then the user is having for the issues with and then the user can do right click on that hp printer and then the user have to select that the What is printing that is shown on the Drop down list of the menu.

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3.Now when the user sees that there are some new pages that click the Hp printer menu item that is from the Top right and then the user should select and open the administrator that is given on the Drop-Down Menu.

4.Now the user should open the Hp printer troubleshooting guide menu that is shown on the Top right again and then the user should select that user can Cancel all the given documents for that time there is confirmation dialog that is to be shown over there so that the user should clear all the documents in the given print queue so that the user can select the “Yes”.

Now the user can try the print again on that HP printer to see that given issue and after that if the user did not work then the user should

Now try running a print again on that HP printer to see if that was the issue. If that didn’t work please try the next steps.


In this article, we read about that what are the reasons that hp printer not printing and we are going to provide the solutions to the users and there will be proper solutions that will be provided to the user by the article and if the user does not get the proper solutions then the user can call on customer support number .

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