With these ten tips, employees will soon be working more ergonomically

Employees spend a large part of their time at their workplace. It is therefore essential to make the workplace as comfortable as possible, not only to make work easier, but also to protect well-being and health, because poor posture in front of the PC or incorrect movements can cause lasting damage to the body and long-term health problems. If you follow the following ten tips, you can protect your health and stay fit.

1. comfort through high-quality office furniture

If you spend most of your working hours in an office chair, you want to have a comfortable piece of furniture that relieves the body and can thus provide a high level of comfort. A good office chair must be able to adapt to the individual needs of the user and have adjustable armrests, good padding and a backrest for the lower back. The desk should also be height adjustable so that it can adapt to the height of the employee.

It is therefore worth investing in high-quality office furniture if you want to maintain the long-term health of your employees. Musculoskeletal disorders are common, especially when employees cannot work with ergonomic office furniture. So if you want to prevent sick leave in your company, you should furnish the office according to ergonomic principles.

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2. stand more often

To relieve the strain on the back, the standing desk is integrated in many offices. At standing desks, employees not only have a view of the office space, but can also relieve the strain on their bodies and strengthen their muscles here by changing their position. The standing desk is ideal for all those who now and then devote themselves to their work while standing and also want to exchange ideas with colleagues more quickly at the standing desk.

3. Safety must be a given

Ergonomics includes not only the correct placement of comfortable office furniture, but of course the observance of safety measures. Even slight violations of individual measures can increase the risk of accidents and thus endanger the health of workers.

4. use ergonomics individually

Even though there are numerous tips on ergonomics in the office, these must always be adapted to the individual circumstances of the workplace. Likewise, the tips should be adapted to the needs of the employees, for example, if they are left-handed or have special requirements due to a disability.

5. Sustainability and ergonomics

The influence of light sources is also a factor that belongs to ergonomics. Natural light sources strain the eyes less than bright spotlights. In addition, the use of sunlight naturally saves electricity.

6. working socially

The social interaction in the company helps the company to be more efficient and to have satisfied employees. The possibility of working in a home office, flextime or even a spontaneously granted day of vacation improve the working atmosphere.

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7. bright rooms

No one likes to work in a dark office. A pleasant ambience in bright offices with soft colors can have an enormous impact on the working attitude of employees. Some decoration in fresh colors create a comfortable atmosphere in which people like to work.

8. comfortable lounges

To take a short break, business owners should provide their employees with a cozy break room. A comfortable sofa, a coffee machine that brews good hot drinks, the beautiful atmosphere invites you to recharge your batteries.

9. revise offices again and again

An office that looks the same for 30 years looks dreary and creates a depressed mood among long-time employees. Of course, defective office furniture must also be replaced to ensure continued efficiency.

10. use feedback

Talking to employees is hugely important to learn new insights into employee needs. This not only makes employees feel taken seriously, but also optimizes morale within the company.

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