Top Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Playing Tennis

Tennis is played between two opposing players or a pair of players using tautly strung rackets to hit a ball of specific size and weight that bounces over a net on a rectangular court. 

Due to its usage on grass courts by Victorian gentlemen and ladies, tennis was originally called lawn tennis, and it is still formally known as lawn tennis in Britain today. There are millions of players of tennis today, both in clubs and on public courts. There are also many professional tennis players that play in some of the biggest tennis tournaments each year, like the French Open, US Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon. For these tournaments you will also find lots of tennis predictions as well!

In addition to the traditional white tennis ball, there are now numerous colors of tennis balls, with yellow being the most popular. The main purpose of this article is not about tennis but to discuss the health benefits of playing tennis, so without wasting any time let’s discuss the health benefits of playing tennis.

1• Improve your stamina 

You have to sprint for the ball during tennis matches, which are fast-paced sports. The average tennis point lasts about 5-7 seconds. When you work at a high intensity for short periods of time, such as this, you develop an aerobic capacity, so you can move explosively without getting tired.

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2• Lose weight

We can lose weight by playing tennis. You can cover around 5 miles per hour with an hour long match, which means you burn about 600 calories. Therefore, playing tennis is an excellent way to lose weight by engaging in this interesting game.

3• Improve your balance

When playing tennis, you must reach and stretch while holding the racket in order to use your full range of motion, and if you have good balance, you will be less likely to fall over. Dynamic balance is crucial to keeping upright while moving. 

4• Good for your bones

There is evidence that tennis players have stronger bones than those who don’t play racket sports. The impact of hitting the ball, stopping, and bounding improves bone density, which can prevent brittle bones in later life. 

5• Improve your mental health

The mental health benefits of tennis include the increase in feel-good hormones called endorphins that are released by playing a game. Tennis is a tactical sport requiring planning and thinking. Tennis can reduce stress and lower your risk of conditions such as depression.

6• Reduce the risk of a heart attack 

Standing still isn’t an option in tennis. Players must move continuously. During the game, your heart rate increases as you increase your oxygen and nutritional intake. You will improve your aerobic fitness and reduce your chances of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.  

7• Full body workout 

Tennis provides a full-body workout whether you are playing singles, doubles, or hitting the ball against a wall. The muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, and core are engaged when you swing the racket. Running, jumping, crouching and moving on the spot requires the muscle groups of your lower body. 

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8• Improve Reaction Time

The key to tennis is being able to react quickly to your opponent’s movement and judge the timing between the oncoming ball and where it will land. Basically, it’s a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination. 


There are many other benefits of playing tennis but in this short article it’s quite difficult to include all the benefits of playing tennis. Those benefits that are mentioned above are some of the best benefits of playing tennis because all the benefits are related to health. Please let us know if we have missed other good benefits of this game.

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