Body Parts and Disease Related To Various Planets

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In medical astrology, each planet represents a different part of your body. During an unfavorable planetary transit or ashubh graha-dasha, a person must suffer from one or more diseases. Let’s look at parts of the body and diseases associated with various planets.

Sun Planet

The sun is regarded as the stated in terms of bones. It governs the stomach, the right eye, the heart, the skin, the head, and the joints. During the Sun Dasha, the native will experience problems with the parts of the body ruled by it. A weak Sun is prone to causing health problems in the body parts it governs. During the Sun’s Dasha and Antar Dasha, the native may also experience high fever, mental illnesses, and relapses of previous diseases.

Moon Planet

Moon is regarded as the significator of the mind and heart. It governs the lungs, heart, body fluids, left eye, brain, breast, blood, intestine, tube feeding, kidneys, and lymphatic duct. Affected Moon can cause insomnia, intelligence, asthma, and blood-related issues. Diabetes, menstrual problems, appendicitis, lung disorders, coughing, and vomiting are all caused by a weak Moon.

Mars Planet

Mars rules the blood, red blood cells, Female organs, energy, marrow, veins, neck, genitals, Anal, and body energy levels. Mars’s affliction causes problems with the significator elements. Aside from these, weak Mars causes injuries, brain disorders, painful eyes, tumors, blisters, knee problems, toxicity, itching, female genital diseases, blood clotting, weak bones, piles, and so on.

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Mercury Planet

Mars governs blood, female organs, red blood cells, marrow, veins, neck, energy, Anal, and overall energy levels. The significator elements are affected by Mars’ affliction. Aside from these, a weak Mars can cause injuries, brain disorders, painful eyes, tumors, blisters, toxicity, knee problems, itching, piles, female genital diseases, weak bones, blood clotting, and other problems.

Jupiter Planet

Jupiter is associated with the thighs, lungs, fat, brain, memory, kidneys, liver, tongue, ears, spleen, and other organs. Affecting Jupiter in the horoscope causes health issues linked to its significator elements. A weakened Jupiter can also cause ear, diabetes, tongue, memory, and pancreas problems. Jupiter is responsible for the native’s diabetes.

Venus Planet

Venus is the significatorof the face, the eyes, the genitals, the urine, the sperm, the body, the shine and luster, the throat, and the glands. During Venus’s Dasha and Antar Dasha, the native may be afflicted with related diseases. Venus is also known as the Karak of vision. As a result, afflicted Venus also causes eye problems. Weak Venus causes genital diseases, rheumatism, body glitter loss, throat diseases, impotence, fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, blood loss, and other conditions.

Saturn Planet

Saturn is the significator of the legs, meat, teeth, joints, bones, muscles, organs, skin, hair, ears, and knees, among other things. Affecting Saturn in the horoscope causes health issues related to its significator elements. Physical weakness, stomach pain, organ injury, muscle weakness, skin and foot disease, joint pain, blindness, rough hair, mental concerns, paralysis, and deafness are all caused by a weak Saturn.

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Rahu Planet

Rahu is the significator of the legs, breathing, neck, and lungs, among other things. Affected Rahu causes problems with breathing, lungs, ulcers, legs, and so on. It can also cause cataracts, blisters, stammering, spleen, and so on. Rahu is also responsible for cancer.

Ketu Planet

Ketu is the significator of the stomach and claws. It also covers lung diseases, fever, and other ailments. Insects in the eye disorders, intestine, ear problems, physical weakness,  stomach pain, brain disorders, and other symptoms are caused by afflicted Ketu. Ketu can also cause mysterious diseases whose root cause is unknown.

Troubles can vary depending on the sign & house it is in, as well as the planets impacting it. The zodiac signs & planets govern the regions of one’s body that are most likely to be impacted. The Ascendant or Sun is afflicted if it is conjunct with Mars, Saturn, Neptune, or Uranus or if any planet is 90 or 180 degrees apart, creating opposition or square aspects.

Now that you know what planets can influence your health, you may be curious to learn more about what your planet seems to have in store for you. A live chat with expert Astrologer can provide you with more information on this.

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