Staggering Fact About Ants

Staggering Fact About Ants

One staggering fact about Ants you did not know before now. Ants can stitch up wounds. Minor wounds are considered as an annoyance with the coming of advanced medicine. However, if we are in the middle of the Africa savanna without a first aid kit and the nearest help we can get is far away, fixing that little wound can mean life or death.

Apparently, some tribes like the tribe in east African face the same problem and found an easy first aid trick on the go; the army ants. If a warrior of this tribe in Africa resides in the bush and suffers a wound that needs stitching. All he needs to do is, look for an army ants nest and pick out a few of the biggest ants he can find and have them bite both sides of the wound, then break off the body leaving the just the head.

It is fair to say before God created man, he created Ants first. We all know that we humans are relatively new species in the world creation revolving the earth over 5 million years ago. Now compare that to living fossil like the Ants whose has been around since the creation period of about 110-130 million years ago.

The age gap on the relative shows a relatively high social level of its existence of the Ants compared to us. Only a few creatures on the earth treat their dead with some relative difference. Humans, Elephants and shockingly Ants dispose of their dead. They use an Ant undertaker to do it. When an Ant dies inside a nest, they will carry the dead body outside for sanitation sake, so that infections or diseases cannot spread to the entire colony.

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So any worker Ant may move the dead bodies outside, but it seems there is a particular Ant undertaker that usually do the cleaning up of the nest when a dead one is found. Parthenogenesis (they can clone themselves). This is a form of reproduction where there is no need for fertilization, making the resulting offspring a clone of the mother.

A group of Amazonian Ants was found to give a birth clone of themselves, creating colonies of themselves with no male around and thereby echoing the fears of the legend of the amazons Ants who do not tolerate male company. The queens of the fire ants also practice parthenogenesis in giving birth to new queens, makes sure their genetic legacies spread on by cloning themselves. This new reproductive process results in a composed advancement of their genes unto the next generation.

Ants are social insects because they teach their young. They have a very advanced system going on in their colony to ensure their survival the baby Ants. The worker Ants does some of these specialized works. These worker Ants are not born with this necessary skill, for them to have this skill; they do what we humans do. Learning from someone who knows how such things are done. The Ants teaching style is called tandem running. Where the teacher Ants will teach the younger Ants the roles by running. Surprisingly also Ants knows how agriculture works.

Even though ants have amazing ways of doing things, we still need them out of our property. You can consult your local pest control exterminator on further advice on how to get rid of ants from your home.

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