The Importance of the Watering Service in the Garden

The Importance of the Watering Service in the Garden

The watering conditions the beauty of your garden, but between the need to save water and the need to save money, not easy to find the right watering system. Do not panic! Here are some tips for not getting bored in the water.

  • automatic watering of the garden
  • automatic watering, practical and economical for the gardener

Nothing can replace the pleasure of watering your garden at the end of the day, in the middle of summer. However, integrating an automatic watering system allows you to save water and save money. And with global warming, it is better to avoid wasting. Our advice with a sprinkler, the water evaporates quickly, without necessarily benefiting the plant. So favor a buried watering (otherwise called underground sprinkler irrigation), drip irrigation or watering by porous pipes that water the feet of the plants.

Tips for saving watering

There are lots of tips that allow you to save water.

In this way, the plant roots will have time to settle deep enough in the ground to fetch the water themselves in the spring. Eliminate all plants that are not useful to your garden and consume a lot of water such as weeds. Remember to locate watering next to the plants that need it most or in your beds. Prefer watering in the evening or early in the morning, whether in the fall or in the summer.

Connect your automatic watering system to your water recovery tank if you have one. Some decorative water tanks melt very well in your garden. Finally, it is better to water infrequently and in abundance, rather than a little every day. Your goal should be to keep your soil cool.

A well-designed watering system will save you time and irrigate plants and lawn more effectively than when using a garden hose. We offer some tips that will help you choose a watering system that suits your needs.

Some tips for tinkering with your irrigation system

Tinkering with your own irrigation system will save you money and allow you to develop a system that is perfect for your garden. Draw a diagram of your garden and take it to an irrigation specialist for advice. The consultant will give them free of charge and he will help you buy the equipment you need. Install double fittings on outdoor faucets. This way you can use a fixed watering system and always have a tap available to fill a bucket or to connect a garden hose.


The advantages and disadvantages of watering methods

Watering cans


This is useful for watering hanging basket plants, plants on patios and indoor plants.

Useful for applying liquid fertilizer and for watering newly planted plants.


When filled, heavy metal watering cans are very heavy to lift.

If you have a large lot to cover, plastic watering can be more appropriate.

Garden hose


This is ideal for watering potted and individual plants.

This can be set on a strong spray to repel aphids or on a gentle rain to water seedlings.


During water shortages, the use of garden hose is restricted or prohibited. In addition, most of us do not have enough time to water a garden properly with a garden hose.

Automatic irrigation systems


Inexpensive and easy to install, automatic irrigation systems come close to natural rain and distribute water evenly.



Gardener’s advice

It is important to water at the right time of the day early morning or evening. When the sun is too much and the heat is too great, the water evaporates and irrigation is not effective. You are wasting drinking water. To be effective and preserve your garden from lack of water during your absence, the automatic watering system must be accompanied by some small preventive actions to prepare the plants to withstand extremely hot temperatures.

Before departure, weeding should be done around your plants. Indeed, weeds drink a lot, removing them, so you offer more water to your own plants. In addition, to facilitate the absorption of water by the earth, it is necessary to break the crust that has formed around the plants, the infiltration is then facilitated.

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Preserve moist soil and effectively reduce evaporation

You can cover the earth with a layer of straw several inches long. For plants, it is possible to use various natural or synthetic materials such as pine bark, mowing grass or cardboard or newspaper. For the vegetable garden, there are canvases made of jute or coconut fiber.

To preserve the health of perennials such as geraniums, care should be taken to fold them that are to say to cut the faded flowers about 10 cm from their base. Cutting these dead flowers helps to promote the birth of new pimples, which can then be spread out at the foot of the plants. The flowers in the training phase and the buds must also be removed in order to prepare the plant to withstand a possible period of intense heat.

Define choice criteria

Many elements must be taken into account before choosing a watering system, the water needs of the plants and the weather to come, but also the different water arrivals in the garden and the catch electric. The first criterion to analyze is the nature of the soil. Sandy soil has no ability to retain water while a salty soil, characterized by a powdery soil, has very good water holding capacity. A clay soil shows a long flow of water, its retention capacity is also important.

Once the nature of your soil has been identified, it is necessary to cross-check this information with the water requirements of your plants. In descending order, it is the young trees freshly planted that require the greatest quantities of water, then come the vegetable garden, hedges, shrubs, flowering plants and finally the lawn. Note that healthy mature trees that have been in your garden for many years are satisfied with the natural watering provided by the climate.

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