Get to know Why Your Back Hurts While Riding Motorcycle and How To Avoid It

Get to know Why Your Back Hurts While Riding Motorcycle and How To Avoid It

It is a cloudy day and the sun is just perfect enough to fill up the warmth in the air. Looking at the sky, you decide to put up your beloved leather jacket and take out your two-wheeler beauty for a ride. It seems as if heavens are calling you for a long solo bike ride. You start to unleash the racing God inside of you, gushing through the cool breeze on the empty road ahead of you. One hour has gone and your back reminds you what’s it’s like riding a Motorcycle for an adventure seeking person. Doesn’t that back pain ache your heart too, because somewhere you know that you won’t be able to ride comfortably to your scenic destination?

Well, not only this is true for adventure motorcycle rides but also for long and stretched city rides. If your office is far from your place and you have a motorcycle to transit, it might give you a hard time very soon. Many people complain of having a lower back pain problem. A lot of them go for a few days of physiotherapy along with medication. What most of us don’t realize about back pain is being overweight. Obesity is a clear reason for causing lower back pain, while we know that it is obvious that excess weight can do harm your back. The backbone aids the body and supports every movement.

Well, supposing it’s an ordinary muscular backache, many people resort to cycling. Seldom realize that it does aid in getting rid of back pain, nor does taking some pills or balm will do. Instead of going through the medicinal road one should first try to avoid such situations which cause back pain. The best one can do is to exercise regularly and keep your weight in check. Along with exercise, one can also try taking fat burner supplements.   

There are plenty of ways that can help you get back to normal. Some tips to prevent such back pains are:

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1.  The first thing that affects your back is the height and the length of your legs. An arrangement where you find an elongated thigh, low seat angle, undersized body along with the handlebar; it will result in a more acute angle between the thigh and torso when you put your leg on the top of the pedal rest. Doing so can exert extreme strain on the back muscles of your thigh, causing severe back pain.

2. If your motorcycle handlebars are situated extremely forward, it will further cause a strain to your back. Higher handlebars will compel you to put even more mass on the seat.

3. If you think you will be taking long city rides, make sure that your back must be bowed, for the reason being, bumps can cause the spine to arch a slightly more.

4. Never ride your motorcycle while sitting in an upright position. This will not be a good thing for your back as a spine which happens to be ‘straight’, can’t absorb shocks well enough when your motorcycle is on bumpy roads.

5. An accurately fixed and tested motorcycle would let you uphold your riding position, giving you a sense of comfort and less strain to your back keeping your spinal cord in a good shape.

Some tips for a speedy recovery are as follows:

#1 Quick exercise to reduce neck pain:

Get to know Why Your Back Hurts While Riding Motorcycle and How To Avoid It

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Rotate your head in the direction of your shoulder, easily but constantly. Inhale in and out when you move your head in a particular direction and let your breath be out entirely when you get done with it. One must be aware of the way the neck muscles expanse and toughen up.

#2 How to get rid of stiff arms:

Get to know Why Your Back Hurts While Riding Motorcycle and How To Avoid It

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Mildly swing your arm, give the swinging arm the support of the other to relax your shoulder muscles and to give it a little strength. Recap this exercise on the other arm as well and giving support from the other. After doing 4-5 repetitions place both arms behind and stretch gradually.

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#3 Guide to avert lower back pain:

  Get to know Why Your Back Hurts While Riding Motorcycle and How To Avoid It

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• The very first thing a motorcycle rider must do to prevent lower back pain is to develop a better riding position. A good rider must acclimatize to his/her bike, instead of making unnecessary changes and modifications.

• Take a good look at your motorcycle’s saddle.

• Make sure that you are aware of the kind of suspension that is mounted upon your motorcycle and adjust it to your riding environments.

• The most important point to note and implement as an adventure motorcycle rider is, to take consistent and frequent intervals while riding your bike.

• Take special care when you ride in cold winds; a rider must try and stop the cold air from getting to his/her lower back.

Ways to ease your upper back pain:

Get to know Why Your Back Hurts While Riding Motorcycle and How To Avoid It

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• Purchase a lightweight and shielding helmet, which supports worthy aerodynamics and does not let much air to enter.

• If your motorcycle has a windshield and it creates instability during your ride, one must for sure, try to change it with more low level or higher shield, or one can even go deprived of a windshield.

If you go through severe back pain and frequently ride a motorcycle, you need to get treated soon and perform regular exercises to improve your condition. Taking regular intervals will avert backaches during an adventure ride, and always keep you posted on your motorcycle.

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