Trending Animal Prints for Autumn/Winter 2019

Trending Animal Prints for Autumn/Winter  2019

There are certain types of fashion styles that never go out of fashion. While animal prints might have been a trendy item during your grandmother’s generation, African print dresses seem to be the latest trend that is here to stay. If the most recent pre-fall collections are any indication of what’s to come, African print dresses will remain relevant throughout the upcoming fall and winter collections that we’ll see in stores in the coming months. Today, you can find African print dresses for any occasion, whether it’s a formal event or a casual day out.

While animal print clothing and accessories might be limited in their use and scope in generations past, today, you can find animal print options for everything from gym apparel to fancy dresses to T-Shirts and everything in between.

Below, we look at some of the highest quality trending animal prints for the autumn and winter of 2019.

Victoria Beckham

Let’s start with one of the most talked about and heralded collections that have already appeared this autumn. Victoria Beckham is not only a recognized fashion guru, but the spotted leopard coat that she recently revealed in her most recent show is certainly one of the best ways to stay chic during the arrival of winter. The spotted coat that is getting most of the attention is actually lightweight chenille jacquard. The coat is based on an older upholstery fabric that was sourced from Venice and was featured on Vogue. This jacket can be combined with virtually any other outfit like cotton maxi dress , dresses for over a T-shirt, and allows you to let your wild side shine forth.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has also come out with a full length spotted leopard coat that offers warmth and fire. This certainly looks to be the real deal and you shouldn’t be surprised if people come up to you to feel the coat to see if it is the real thing. Like the Victoria Beckham coat reviewed above, this coat is also a full-length option that can be left open or buttoned and adapts to several different styles and wardrobe options.

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Carolina Herrera

Fortunately, you don’t have to simply settle for heavy, winter coats to sport your animal prints come this fall and autumn. If you don’t like the idea of being adorned in what appears to be entire animal skin, you can opt for a more traditional overcoat on your way to work or you can even wear black corsets to shape up your body comfortably and then reveal this beautiful animal print dress designed by Carolina Herrera. The blood red background is filled with an African motif of black and white jungle animals. While playful in style, this trendy dress is a great way to steal a few looks from curious onlookers who will notice a dress design that boldly goes beyond stripes and color patterns.


Who says that animal prints are only for dresses and overcoats? Aquazzura ́s latest collections offer a unique pointy toe pump that is decked out in zebra print. These designer shoes are a curious yet fascinating mix of disco fever and the African savannah. When walking down the subway, the Aquazzura disco pumps will certainly turn a few heads.

Proenza Schouler

If you want to show off your wild side, even more, Proenza Schouler has recently released a daring tiger print mini-skirt that will keep people pondering your inner motivations. The tan and black tiger tones look authentic while also easily combining with other items of your wardrobe. This tiger mini skirt goes beyond the daringness of a typical mini-skirt to take you to a whole new level.

Dolce & Gabbana

Trending Animal Prints for Autumn/Winter  2019

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If you are going to go the route of animal prints, why not go all in? Dolce & Gabbana recently released an audacious zebra-themed outfit that includes everything from a full zebra-inspired coat, to zebra stocking, zebra-striped shoes, and even an accompanying purse. The subtle uniqueness of a contrasting black and white striped outfit from head to toe will turn heads and also leave you feeling empowered and the talk of the town.

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Diane Von Furstenberg

One of the main drawbacks of many animal print clothing is that they often fail to go beyond the earthy tones that are so often associated with this type of print. If blacks, whites, and browns aren’t your thing, Diane Von Furstenberg offers a beautiful yellow and black animal print inspired dress with hints of traditional African prints. The bright yellow of this dress offers a touch of vibrancy while the earthy animals’ tones keep you grounded.

Tom Ford

Lastly, Tom Ford also contributes to this season’s animal print motif with a stunning red and black animal print coat and pants combination. The leopard themed outfit differs from others reviewed here throughout boldly including a striking red background. An accompanying red and black purse is the perfect accompaniment to this outfit.

Furthermore, if you cannot afford a real mink coat, today you can even find wholesale clothing distributors who also offer high-quality animal print clothing options that offer unmatched quality and style for affordable prices.


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