10 Stylish Cocktail Party Ideas for the Modern Entertainer

10 Stylish Cocktail Party Ideas for the Modern Entertainer

Avid entertainers are always seeking new ideas to make their next party a bigger hit than ever before. Entertaining is fun and a great way to give new and old friends the perfect environment to socialize. Here we’ll be giving you ten stylish cocktail party ideas for the modern entertainer so that you’ve always got the perfect set and setting to enjoy a night of fun with your friends.

Pair Your Theme to Your Cocktails

The next time that you throw a cocktail party, make sure that your drinks match the theme of your event. Instead of just making sure that your setting, glassware, tableware, and decorations are a match to your theme, ensure that you pick drinks which are well paired as well. Design a cocktail menu which matches the theme in color and in as many other ways as possible from alcohol choice to garnish.

Theme Your Cocktail Party by Country

One of the most fun ways to theme your cocktail party is to pick a country of interest and run from there. Do some research and include regional drinks, snacks, and decor that reminds you of the nation in question. For example, serve up Greek lamb pasta with few ouzo cocktails. Citrus and lime are always a hit. Come up with a few related party games perhaps something local to the area and you’ve got a night full of fun that’ll surprise everyone with your originality and variety.

Illuminate & Entertain with UV & LED Lighting

Take advantage of lighting at your next cocktail party. Set in place a large UV light and you’ve got endless decor options at your disposal. Group games involving UV paint can be considered while decorating with UV reactive colors and LED touch lights, string lights, and other forms of illumination open up some really attractive options. Experiment with different colored alcohol, straws, and UV-reactive swizzle sticks.

Switch to Sweets, Cakes, Teas & Herbal Brews

Try including a range of sweets, cakes, teas and other herbal brews at your next cocktail party. You can even include delicacies which feature alcohol like mulled white wine cheesecake, brandy balls, or tipsy tart. The brave can even try throwing a cocktail party which is alcohol-free instead resorting to a range of exotic food & drink options.

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Make Sure That Everything Has a Match

No matter what your theme is, always make sure that whatever motifs you end up using, you use at least twice. This includes glassware, table settings, and all decor. No element, color or style must appearance once only. Pairings don’t always need to be direct but there must be a parallel within the space somewhere.

Pack Parting Party Gifts

One of the best ways to guarantee that your cocktail party is a hit is to pack a selection of themed parting party gifts. The decoration of the bag and other elements of presentation must match the motif of your cocktail party while the gifts inside can be something that’ll help your next event. Think wine stoppers, shot glasses and other individual personal gifts that’ll be of practical use to your guests. Throw in a chocolate box and a handwritten note and you’ve got a truly memorable present.

Premix Your Drinks in Attractive Colors

There is an endless selection of ways to capitalize on color. Premix party drinks in attractive colors which are a match to your theme. From shots to jars, champagne flutes to highball glasses, pouring out a range of suitably styled cocktails in the right selection of paired or contrasting colors will highlight your tables well and add an extra element of fun to the evening.

Add a Whisky & Cigar Station

All it takes to keep all of the men at your next cocktail party happy is a simple but striking whiskey & cigar station. If you’re worried about grunting the cost of a whole box of premium cigars then let your male guests each cover a surcharge beforehand and you supply the whiskey. No connoisseur is going to overlook the opportunity to partake when a good whiskey like Crown Royal Reserve is offered alongside a fine cigar. It gives everyone a reason to splash out while the station itself makes for an enticing centerpiece at your party.

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Get Unconventional With Your Glassware

The vessel that you drink out is open for endless forms of customization. You don’t need to stick to conventional glassware. Serve your cocktails in natural containers like coconut shells or try glassware which isn’t quite purposed for drinking out of. Just look at the drink above to see just how attractive an unconventional glass can be.

Soak Fruit in Alcohol to Serve at Your Next Party

Soaked fruit can totally transform a standard, uninspiring cocktail into an unforgettable drink that your friends won’t be able to stop talking about. There are lots of great combinations to try. Pair the fruit to your theme in color or any other parallel and variate your drinks each party. Winning combos include pineapple soaked in rum, strawberries soaked in vodka, and oranges soaked in a good bourbon like Weller bourbon  to name but three.

Entertaining – Forever Rewarding

Entertaining in a modern household is a heartwarming and rewarding exercise which not only awards you with fun with friends but also a hobby that you can forever expand upon. Building selection of great glassware, table decorations, and other decor is interesting while every woman enjoys shopping for a new cocktail dress. There’s no need for anything more than a casual black dress if you’re operating on a tight budget. It’s most versatile look for a cocktail party and can be customized using light accessories & the right bag, shoes, and makeup.

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