Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations on Missouri

The ‘Show Me State’ moniker refers to Missouri, which is surrounded by stunning lakes, mountains, caves, and the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. It has a lot to offer travelers in the way of scenic beauty, adventurous outdoor pursuits, and historic cities with intriguing museums.

 The city’s extensive history ties it to the past, yet modern marvels have also left their mark. You can spend days in the tranquil atmosphere and explore deeper into the natural splendors9 of canyons and rivers. There are countless sites to visit in this paradise on earth, which is a Midwestern state in the United States. Here is a list of the top Missouri attractions you should check out while on vacation.

  1. Columbia, Missouri

 A vibrant college town in the Midwest, Columbia is known for its strong journalism, progressive politics, and outstanding public art. Learn about the city’s past by visiting the Museum of Art and Archaeology; enjoy contemporary art at the Columbia Art League; have fun in the Shryocks Callaway Farms’ vintage cornfield mazes; paddle a kayak to the serene Finger Lakes State Park; and get a stunning overview of the surrounding area from the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. You can explore the intriguing symbolic pillars at the Francis Quadrangle on the University of Missouri campus. Visit the D&D Animal Sanctuary, which cares for abused and neglected animals, to see some stunning tigers.

2. Travel to the St. Louis Gateway Arch

One of the major Missouri tourist attractions, the Gateway Arch is an artistically distinctive structure that also represents the “Gateway to the West” in symbolism.

For fantastic city views, guests can ride a tram up to the summit, which rises 630 feet. During tram rides, you can also look around the many galleries inside the Museum at Gateway Arch and a number of displays about the history of the arch.

The arch may be seen from all across the city, including from a great distance on surrounding roads, even though it is situated in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park.

Helicopter tours, riverboat cruises, and trips to the Old Courthouse, which also provides background information on the area’s history, are other viewing options for the arch.

  1. Branson

Branson, which may be found in Missouri’s southwest, is yet another fantastic destination. There are numerous shows in Branson that are well-known both locally and globally, such as Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. Branson is home to a variety of unusual stores, eateries, and kid-friendly attractions, including water parks and mini golf.

  1. Lake of the Ozarks
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One of the most beautiful sites to visit in Missouri is the Lake of the Ozarks, which has slow, sluggish waves and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

Swimmers, boaters, rafters, hikers, cyclists, campers, and more can all enjoy the area.
There is plenty of room to spread out because the lake’s surface is 54,000 acres.The 1,150  km of beachfront provide plenty of space along the sandy coasts.

Even though Missouri is a landlocked state, it has more shoreline than the entire state of California!On the lake, occasions are frequent.There are summertime fireworks and holiday lights; there are springtime garden exhibitions; and there are falltime cuisine festivals.

At places like the “Party Cove,” a swimming hole where people congregate, you may have fun all year long as well.Visit the Lake of the Ozarks if you want to have fun in Missouri.A lakeside cabin can be rented out for the entire summer, or you can jump in for a brief swim.There are countless opportunities there.

  1. Stay in a Tree House Overnight

Beautiful forests abound throughout Missouri, making them ideal for picnics, hiking, and mountain riding. But renting a tree house to spend the night in as an alternative to a typical hotel and having a wonderful vacation rental experience is another way to appreciate the magnificent trees of Missouri.

You can rent real tree houses and distinctive teahouse-like buildings all around Missouri, and Vrbo is our go-to resource for the greatest rentals.

  1. Kansas City

One of the biggest and liveliest urban centres in the Midwest, Kansas City has a lot going for it despite being frequently ignored by tourists. It sits on the banks of the Missouri River, straddling the Kansas-Missouri state boundary, and is confusingly adjacent to Kansas City, Kansas (KCK), a smaller city.

It is also often referred to as the “City of Fountains” because more than 200 of them are scattered across its picturesque avenues. Paris is the only other city on Earth that has more boulevards than this one has. It’s fun to go around because there are renowned museums and venues for the performing arts right next to charming, artistic neighborhoods.

The city is well known for both its Southern cuisine and Kansas City-style barbeque, in addition to its jazz and live music culture. No trip is ever complete without trying some of the town’s sizzling strip steaks, which are available at more than a hundred barbecue restaurants.

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7. Talking Rocks Cavern

The late 1800s-era Talking Rocks Cavern is located about 15 minutes from Branson. The Herschel family amusement company offers frequent cave trips. To get to the bottom of the cave, visitors must descend a flight of 265 stairs. The caves are beautifully illuminated and kept up, and they have created amazing crystalline formations. A light and sound performance is also part of the tour that this family has planned. Additional entertaining activities available to visitors include nature walks, a spell box crawl maze, and a lookout tower. As one of the best sites to visit in Missouri, a vacation here would be incomplete without exploring the caverns and rocks.

  1. Mark Twain National Forest

The Mark Twain National Forest is a lovely area that will attract anyone who loves the outdoors and wildlife. It has everything from mountains and forests to springs, streams, and lakes. It is made up of multiple wilderness areas and national scenic rivers and spans a considerable portion of the state’s southeast.


It bears Mark Twain’s name, a well-known novelist who was born in Missouri. The wonderful Ozark Trail, which travels through picture-perfect landscapes for more than 350 kilometers, connects isolated areas of virgin woodland and unspoiled wildlife. Fishing, swimming, and canoeing in its rivers and lakes are equally enjoyable, and hiking and cycling in the national forest are highly popular because of the breathtaking scenery.

There are various campgrounds and picnic places all across the country. As it winds through the lovely Ozark hills, Eleven Point National Scenic River is one of the most beautiful places to explore. The Glade Top Trail National Scenic Byway, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, is another of the area’s numerous highlights.

9.  Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park is a 4093-acre park in Barry County, situated roughly 8 miles from Cassville. The park is surrounded by the untamed Ozark Mountains and is set within a deep, narrow, and shaded valley. The rainbow trout in the river is among the key factors in this lark’s popularity with travelers. Seven hiking paths, numerous BBQ picnic areas, a nature centre, and a swimming pool are all present. For those who wish to kick back and relax while taking in the area’s soothing beauty, there is also a sizable camping area.


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