4 Reasons To Up Your Driving Skills With SIM Racing

Enjoying global success, eSports and Sim Racing are so much more than mere video games, in fact, they’re so popular and so realistic, that Formula 1 has created an official competition for their drivers to compete in. 

If you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Sim Racing and want to know whether it’s something you should invest in, the following information should prove helpful:

What is Sim Racing?

Sim Racing (shortened from Simulated Racing) has become increasingly more relevant in the motorsport world in recent years, and with so many ways to improve your simulated racing experience – such as with accessories like Sim Racing Pedals, among others – it takes the concept of driving a car to a whole new and serious, but exciting, level. 

Designed as far as possible to replicate physics variables in the real world, such as traction, tyre grip, aerodynamics and suspension geometry, simulated racing rigs offer the most realistic experience of driving dynamics, ever.  

Advances in simulation software have meant that gaining an authentic racing experience is possible for those who may never have set foot on a racetrack before, and don’t plan to. So, although Sim Racing is popular among professional racing drivers, it’s also very much accessible to amateurs on low budgets, and armchair racing enthusiasts. 

What is it that makes Sim Racing so popular?

Why are so many people choosing to use racing simulators instead of getting out on the track in a real car, or watching the professionals as a spectator?

Here are four reasons that might be influencing Sim Racing enthusiasts:

  1. It’s a lot more affordable
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While it is true that setting up your own racing simulator at home takes a substantial initial investment, when you compare it to the cost of taking part in a test track day (which if you want to repeat the experience, becomes extremely costly), the simulator wins on value, hands down. 

With your rig set up at home (or wherever you want it), you can use it as often as you want, with only your electricity bill to consider. 

2. It’s safer

Accidents can happen when drivers are trying to find their own personal limits on a racetrack, but with a racing simulator, pushing yourself to compete against the best is fun, safe and wholly doable. In addition to this, if you want to indulge in some real track time, too, practising your car control in a simulated environment will enable you to be better prepared should an incident occur on the track, or be about to occur. 

3. It allows you to enhance your skills

The majority of professional motorsport teams will have simulators for drivers to practise using, so that they can enhance their driving skills and improve their techniques. By working on the many different aspects of racing in a controlled and safe environment, drivers can get results quicker, and get the most out of their cars. 

Non-professional racing drivers can also learn just as much as the pros when using a simulator, and with accessories and add-ons such as Heusinkveld sim pedals ultimate, they may even start to feel and drive like a pro!

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4. It enables you to practise at your convenience

Within just a few minutes of deciding you want to take your simulated car for a spin, you can be out on the track, whereas track days need to be booked days (if not weeks) in advance, limiting you to when you can race, and how often. 

All in all, Sim Racing may be fun and a pleasure to indulge in within a controlled environment, but it can also play a significant role in helping you improve your driving skills, whether racing or just taking your car out for a Sunday spin.  

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