How to Spot a Forex Scam and What to Do If You’ve Already Been Scammed

What is a forex market?

A forex market is a place that allows participants to buy and sell or exchange foreign currencies for hedging and speculative purposes. The forex market is one of the largest markets in the world and is made up of banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, and investors.

The amount that is traded in the forex market per day is $6.6 trillion.

So, when too much activity happens and so much money is traded, perfection is impossible. There are several forex scams that take place in the market which one should be aware of before getting into the trade or any activity.

Types of forex markets:

Spot forex market:

In the spot market an immediate exchange of currency takes place between buyers and sellers. A lot of currency trading takes place in the spot market itself.

The main entities that take part in the spot market are commercial banks, investment banks, and central banks. 

Dealers, brokers, and speculators take an active part in the spot market as well. 

Forward Forex market:

The process is where the buyer sets a rate and decides on a certain amount for a trade to be executed in the future. The date could be either a few weeks further or a few months.

It is like a contract between the buyer and seller. If agreed, the buyer and seller are obligated to bind to the contract at agreed days and dates.

Futures forex market: 

In the futures forex market, the trade and transaction happen at a set date and time. 

The date and time are predetermined and only at that time and date the trade takes place.

Even the futures forex market is obligated by a contract that everyone should bind by.

What is a Forex scam?

There are different ways in which a scammer can trick you and steal your money. It is very evident that scammers have become very sophisticated and are using standard tools to fool people, so in today’s day educating yourself and staying aware becomes even more important.

The Signal Seller scam:

This is a very popular and new-age scam, it is one of the forex scams that has been used in recent times.

Over here fake companies come up with subscriptions and services and asset managers offer daily, weekly and monthly fees. They vouch that their services are the best, they have made many people wealthy and they will make you wealthy as well. They brag about their long experience. 

In many of these scams, they just collect money from the victims and disappear after that.

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Not all signal sellers are frauds, some are good and genuinely help, it is important to do thorough research first.

Forex mutual fund scams:

In this kind of forex scam, the scammer misleads the investor by promising them high returns on their mutual fund investment but instead diverts the funds for their personal use.

This scam involves statements that are not true, high-pressure sales tactics are used to convince the leads, and once the victim invests the money they use it for their personal use.

Forex robot scams:

A forex robot is a software program that utilizes an algorithm to automate the buying and selling of currency on behalf of its user. Legitimate forex robots are designed and tested by independent bodies to ensure their effectiveness.

However, some fraudulent individuals sell untested or fake forex robots that randomly make trades and can cause investors to suffer financial losses. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before investing in a forex robot to minimize the risk of falling victim to a scam.

Forex pyramid scheme:

The main focus of a pyramid scheme is to recruit new people in the scheme, they show them data and analytics to show people that it is a great scheme.

Members who get in are charged subscription fees, and they are encouraged to get new people in so that the earnings and commissions increase 

The money is generated from people’s fees and not from actual profits of the forex trading. 

When no more members join and membership stops the main people who started the scheme, go away with all the money.

Managed forex account scams:

Some companies offer this facility of Managed forex management, where an expert invests on your behalf. The investors usually pay an amount to the expert.

So before choosing someone do your thorough research before trusting anyone with your wealth.

Forex Ponzi schemes:

Forex Ponzi schemes are a fraudulent tactic used by scammers to lure investors with promises of high returns in a short period. These schemes involve advertising non-existent forex funds that guarantee lucrative profits, while only requiring a small upfront investment from potential victims. To create the illusion of a successful investment opportunity, the initial investors are paid the promised returns. This creates a false sense of security and encourages them to bring in more people, such as friends and family, to invest in the scheme.

The scam artists continue to collect funds from investors until they have amassed enough money, at which point they disappear with the entire sum. This leaves investors with nothing to show for their investment, while the perpetrators enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the forex market:


  1. It is very transparent
  2. It has a lot of flexibility.
  3. Very rewarding
  4. No commission 
  5. The market is volatile.


  1. Very risky, and possible to lose a lot of wealth.
  2. Several scammers are present in the market waiting for an opportunity to fool people.
  3. Several leverage risks are present.

How to identify Forex scams:

  1. If someone is offering you something very big for small returns, it’s too good to be true, do not believe them. Do thorough research before choosing anything.
  2. Investing always is attached with some amount of risk, so if anyone says they will help you invest with 0 risks involved, it’s probably a forex scam.
  3. If any company tries to pressurize you to take their services, it is surely a scam so stay away from their services. 
  4. A huge number of scammers are using social media adverts. They often use videos and luxury items to fool people.

What can we do if we are scammed?

However careful we are, sometimes the scammer is too smart. In those situations, you can talk to your bank and see if they can stop the transaction, file a complaint at the police station, or try taking help from government officials or authorities.

Some lawyers specifically deal with such cases, so it’s a great idea to take their help.

 With the help of genuine recovery firms with skilled people, such firms could play a huge role in such situations. 


Ultimately, the foreign exchange market presents an enticing prospect for profitable investment and can be an exciting venture. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and remain vigilant in identifying and avoiding potential fraudulent activities. By knowing how to spot the warning signs and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to a Forex scam. If you have already been scammed, it is important to take immediate action and report the incident to the appropriate authorities, while also seeking the advice of a financial professional to help you navigate the situation and recover any lost funds. Remember, being proactive and informed is the best defense against forex scams.

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