2022 Window Replacement Cost in Oakville

The first thing that interests homeowners planning window replacement Oakville is the cost of the windows, as well as the cost of replacement work.

Keep reading to know how much money to allocate for such work, and to whom it can be entrusted in Oakville.

2022 Window Replacement Price Range in Oakville

First, let’s look at what factors affect pricing:

  • Frame material

Vinyl is the most popular choice. And this is not surprising: it does not rust, rot or deform from mechanical impacts. In addition, it is quite affordable.

Those homeowners who want natural material can order a window frame made of wood. However, it should be understood that such a frame will cost more and will serve less than a similar vinyl product.

The third option is not the most obvious – the aluminum frame. This is the most affordable product. However, it is far from the best in use: it can quickly cool and heat up, which affects its insulation properties.

  • Glass size

The more it is, the higher the price of the window. Another important factor is glazing. Of course, triple glass will cost more.

Also, the cost may be affected by tinting. For example, many homeowners prefer to buy window structures with low-e coating on the glass. It significantly reduces heat losses in the heating season.

  • Model

The average replacement cost is about $500, including the price of the window.

However, the cost depends largely on the model. 

So single hung costs about $300, double hung – $300-600. 

Casement and awning windows cost an average of $350. 

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The price of a single slider starts from $300 and a double one will cost you $400 and more.

Fixed casement windows will cost $250.

  • Installation features. 

For example, bay windows are somewhat more difficult to install than traditional casement models.

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