Want To Buy Injectable HGH Online? Here’s What You Need To Know

Want To Buy Injectable HGH Online? Here’s What You Need To Know

When synthetic human growth hormone was first used for treatment, it was only for children who had growth issues resulting from HGH deficiency. Eventually, scientists discovered that it could also help older patients dealing with reduced muscle tone, increased body fat, reduced athletic performance, and other symptoms related to HGH deficiency.

Since then, human growth hormone therapy has been increasingly popular, especially with those struggling with the physical signs of aging and those aiming to improve their physique.

Planning to buy injectable HGH online? Read on for our top tips and reminders.

What is human growth hormone (HGH) for?

The pituitary gland secretes human growth hormone into our bloodstream as we sleep. This hormone is responsible for essential biological mechanisms like muscle and tissue repair, cell growth and regeneration, protein synthesis, and metabolism. It is crucial to normal brain functioning, immune system health, and healthy tissue growth.

When our bodies don’t make enough HGH, we may experience numerous health issues. In children, a lack or shortage of human growth hormone can cause stunted growth. In adults, HGH deficiency can lead to depression, anxiety, weak muscles and bones, a weak heart, increased body fat, reduced cognitive function, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The levels of HGH in our bodies naturally drop with age. With human growth hormone therapy, doctors can return those levels back to normal.

Is human growth hormone therapy legal?

While many international sports organizations have banned the use of human growth hormone for non-medical conditions, it’s perfectly okay for those of us who are not professional athletes to undergo HGH therapy. Using human growth hormone is legal — as long as you have a prescription for it.

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The FDA regulates the use of human growth hormone. To be able to buy human growth hormone injectables and undergo HGH therapy, you have to acquire a prescription from a licensed doctor. To be prescribed HGH therapy, you have to be at least 30 years old, a resident of the USA, and able to prove that you have a medical need for human growth hormone.

In adults, human growth hormone can only be prescribed for a very limited number of medical conditions like HGH deficiency and hypopituitarism. When you go to a doctor to ask for an HGH prescription, you will be required to take a blood test. The test will measure the levels of human growth hormone in your body and will tell your doctor if you actually need HGH therapy.

Prescribing human growth hormone for off-label uses, such as for bodybuilders who want to improve their muscle tone or for senior citizens who want to reverse some signs of aging, could land a doctor in hot water. However, there are still those who prescribe HGH for the elderly simply because human growth hormone levels naturally drop as we age.

Things to consider before you buy injectable HGH online

With human growth hormone products in such high demand, there’s a flood of HGH products on the market, all of which are promoted as the best human growth hormone products you can buy. If you’re considering starting HGH therapy, keep in mind that not all the human growth hormone products you see online are the real thing. There are lots of counterfeit HGH supplements floating around disguised as legitimate FDA-approved products.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for human growth hormone injectables online:

  • If the product manufacturer is unfamiliar to you, be cautious. Run a Google search and ask your doctor or pharmacist about the brand.
  • Read the fine print on any HGH product before you purchase and use it. Pay particular attention to the contraindications, especially if you have existing medical issues that may make the product unsuitable for you.
  • Human growth hormone therapy costs a lot of money. Depending on the dosage and the type of HGH injectable you are prescribed, it can run about $1000 a month. Don’t be fooled by products that are priced much lower. If a human growth hormone injectable is priced too cheaply, it’s probably not the real deal.
  • Synthetic HGH is bio-identical to the human growth hormone produced in our bodies. It is produced through recombinant DNA technology.
  • Allergic reactions are possible.
  • The dosage will be determined by your doctor and will depend on your age, the medical condition being treated, and your weight. A licensed doctor should always direct HGH therapy. This is not something you can DIY.
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Want to learn more about how human growth hormone therapy can help you manage the physical and mental effects of aging? Or how it can help treat the symptoms of a particular illness? We’d love to help you explore your options and buy injectable HGH online. Leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

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